LAney Eats 5

It’s been months since my last post about recent recommendations, so let’s just get right into it.


421 S Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013


I was initially drawn to KazuNori due to the lovely Instagram post above. With stellar reviews online, we decided to give it a shot. There was a decent line when we arrived, but the hand rolls were worth the wait. KazuNori isn’t a place for large groups because seating only becomes available when someone leaves. They have set combos of 3-5 hand rolls or you can order each roll individually. The whole dining concept is efficient. As soon as you devour your roll, the next one is handed to you almost immediately. The fish and high quality and the Nori (seaweed) is crunchy.

La Michoacana

803 S Workman St., San Fernando, CA 91340


Once I hit my goal with this No Sugar No Grain diet, I will eat a Coconut Palete from La Michoacana. It’s quite a drive from Los Angeles, and the location is somewhat questionable, but as soon as you catch sight of the line, all doubt is thrown out the window. La Michoacana offers a wide array of desserts and a few snack options, but they are best known for Paletes or popsicle sticks. The flavors range from traditional ones like chocolate, cookies and cream, and strawberries to more adventurous ones like Nuez (Walnut), Guanabana (Sour Sop), and Marzapan. My favorites are Coconut, Marzapan, Elote (Corn), Fresa con leche (Strawberry with milk).

Marukai Market

1740 W Artesia Blvd., Gardena, CA 90248


My biggest struggle with my current work location is the lack of healthy food options. During days when I’m not bombarded with paperwork, I like to venture out and discover new places. I stumbled upon Marukai Market during lent, and it has now become one of my (if not most) favorite lunch spot! Their mini food court boasts of high quality sushi, Korean rice plates, and Karaage (Japanese fried chicken – my favorite)! Inside the market, you’ll find fresh vegetables, meat, Asian snacks, and beauty products which are all reasonably priced. My hour lunch is never enough, but I always look forward visiting this place.

Magnolia House

492 S Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101



It was Valentine ’s Day, and we didn’t make any dinner plans which was a bit unusual, but the day just creeped in too quickly. We were driving around calling restaurants to see if they took any last minute reservations, and that’s how we discovered Magnolia House. It’s located in the quieter side of Pasadena, so parking was easy. The ambiance was laid back and not at all intimidating. We were seated outside near the bar. I wasn’t a fan of their ‘inventive’ cocktails, but I was blown away with their Brussel sprouts! It was lightly tossed in oil and perfectly seasoned with bacon chunks. My biggest gripe with prepared Brussel sprouts is when their heavily oiled, broiled, and seasoned, but the ones from Magnolia House are the bees knees. The cheeseburger was commendable as well. We ordered the steak and frites which was delicious, but too small of a portion in my opinion.

Ruen Pair

5257 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027



If you’re looking for a late night meal beyond the usual fast food options, head over to Ruen Pair for some delicious cheap Thai food. The menu is extensive, but the food quality doesn’t suffer. Krua Thai seems to be a late night Thai institution for most LA natives, but I dare say this place is much better. My only complaint is that they are cash only. Even though there’s an ATM inside, no one ever wants to pay all those extra charges.



What are your top LA food spots?


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